The email address of any team member in Planhat can be made public. This feature has many use cases and allows colleagues to email on behalf of each other.  

Here's how you enable this feature:

  1. Navigate to your profile

  2. Click on the 'Email' tab

  3. Scroll down to the 'Public Account Usage' section and flip the switch to Yes

In order to respond from a public account, when replying to an email just change the 'From' field using the drop down list to the account you want to respond from.

As with all emails in Planhat, to reply from a Public account the public account's email address must already be in the email chain. If it's not currently in the email chain you can forward the email to the public address and then reply from there.

Use Cases
You can create users in Planhat solely for the purpose of creating a shared mailbox, for example

A common use case is to use public emails as a simple ticketing system. All clients, or clients within a certain segment can email the public email address, and your CS reps can respond from the public email address. These clients do not get a dedicated rep however they will still feel they are being well looked after by your company.

Other great use cases for public emails are to represent non CS functions. 

For example:

Internal Policies
Public emails are available to all users. They can email clients using a public address so its important to create an internal policy around usage.

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