Creating NPS campaigns in Planhat is done using a simple 4 step workflow. The workflow is built to help you quickly create, tailor, target and define your survey and scheduling. With it you can: 

  1. Customise your email survey

  2. Tailor the messaging seen by respondents based on their score

  3. Select your target audience based on any data point in Planhat

  4. Check and understand your NPS scores

To create a new survey, go to the NPS module (megaphone icon) on the left hand navigation bar and click the "+" sign to “Start New Campaign”.

1. Customise your NPS survey

Today, Planhat NPS surveys are delivered in-app or via email. Recipients select a score which then opens up a browser window with response messaging and a text box for further feedback.

Upon clicking "Start New Campaign" you are presented with the Template page. The left side shows General, Branding, Introduction, Messaging and Style option you can use to fully customize the look and feel of your NPS campaign.

By clicking Branding you can add your company logo onto the NPS survey. If you have previously uploaded your logo to your Planhat account, slide the toggle to Yes and your logo will appear in the right side panel, or upload a new logo using the ‘Upload new logo’ option. 

There's two ways that you can send NPS surveys from Planhat to your customers:

  1. Email: send NPS surveys from Planhat from a specific Planhat user via email.

  2. In-app: the NPS survey will pop-up in your application making it very easy for your customers to leave their feedback. There's no additional cost to send NPS surveys in-app, there's just a small amount of technical effort required to get you up and running. If you would like to set this up then check out this article 😃.

🚀 Quick tips:

  • Make sure your logo does not have white text on a transparent background as the text will be lost against the email body.

  • Edits you make on the right hand panel update immediately in the middle view of your screen so you can instantly see your new layout.

2. Tailor the messaging seen by respondents based on their score

Once you're happy with the Email messaging, click ‘Thank You Message’ at the top. Here you can edit what your customer will see in their browser after they score you in the survey email. 

You can create customised responses for any scoring groups with the default layout bucketing custom responses into Detractors (1-6), Passives (7-8) and Promoters (9-10).

🚀 Quick tip: If you want to group scores differently you can change the default settings using by typing into the number range.

NPS is traditionally based on a score and an opportunity to provide more detailed feedback, so below you can also change the messaging around the feedback text box. 

📣 Pro tip: Written feedback in an NPS survey, if it’s your only type of survey, can provide enormous insight. Make this messaging engaging to try and stimulate a response.

3. Select your target audience based on any data point in Planhat

Once you are happy with the messaging throughout the flow it's time to identify recipients. 

Given the amount of data you have in Planhat it’s easy to create incredibly focused and targeted survey distribution. To start, click on Audience tab and you can create any segment needed via our popular filter creation functionality. This will allow you to target very specific end users in your campaign.

Users belonging to Accounts that meet the criteria you select are displayed on the right side, where you then have simple filter to view Users by their NPS status with options for All, Pending and Sent.

Finally, if you want to get very granular, you can also combine Account level rules (Segments) with End User level rules (Personas) to identify a group of users meeting a certain criteria within a group of Accounts meeting a certain criteria. 

🚀 Quick tip: Your existing segments can be accessed with the filter rules for Company ID or EndUser ID ➡️ pick by ➡️ select any of your existing filters.

📣 Pro tip: NPS is all about getting a lot of responses and seeing how they trend over time. Make sure you refuse the temptation to only survey your happiest clients. You need as broad a selection as possible to prevent bias distorting results.

4. Check and understand your NPS scores

Finally, once your campaign is ready to go you can set it live via "Launch Campaign!" button. Surveys will start being distributed as soon as your scheduling allows.

📌 Important to note: if you set the "When would you like to send your surveys?" option to "Send right away", the survey will send at five past the hour, for example if you send the survey at 7:25AM it will send at 8:05AM.

We have 3 places where you can check your NPS scores:

  1. Campaign specific NPS will live in the NPS -> Campaign RESULTS section.

  2. NPS insights in the System Reports section of the Customer Intelligence module (formerly this was Insights tab inside the NPS module.

  3. NPS tab inside the DATA module.

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