NPS surveys are a very important and commonly used tool to understand and quantify the emotional value of your app, product or services delivered to your customers.

We've recognized the value of NPS here at Planhat since our beginning and have included this functionality in our offerings a while back. However, it was always an email NPS functionality and with our ever-growing customer base we have been receiving more and more requests to expand the functionality to be in-app.

Well, we can proudly say that we have listened and made it happen! All our customers who have NPS survey as a part of their package can now create email or in-app campaigns within few minutes! 🎉

How to install in-app NPS on your application?

In order for you to display the in-app NPS inside your application, you might need a little bit of engineering help to install our tracking script. Usually, the call to identify end-users is active and is associated with a login or session start type of activity in your app.

Do not worry, it is a very quick process that anyone with backend access to your app can help you with!

Once that is done, you can go ahead and create your survey inside our NPS module in a matter of minutes.

📌 Important thing to note: No action is required here if you are already using our tracking script to push end-user activity data to Planhat.

How to create an NPS survey in Planhat?

Creating survey campaigns in Planhat is done using a simple 4 step workflow. The workflow is built to help you quickly create, tailor, target and define your survey and scheduling. With it you can:

  1. Customise your email survey

  2. Tailor the messaging seen by respondents based on their score.

  3. Select your target audience based on any data point in Planhat

  4. Check and understand your NPS scores

To create a new survey, go to the NPS module (megaphone icon) on the left hand navigation bar and click the + sign to “Start New Campaign”.

🚀 Quick tip: Read this article for more details on how to create your NPS campaigns

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