NPS surveys are a quick and easy way to understand your customer's sentiment towards your product and the organization. However, we usually only have a few chances to get this honest feedback from our customers and we want to make the most out of it.

This is why we have put together some tips and tricks which we hope you will find helpful when creating your NPS campaigns.

  • Make sure the campaign name is clear and helps you quickly know who the recipient list is. This will save you time later when you have multiple campaigns running in parallel.

  • Identify from whom you want the survey to be sent. You can choose the Account Owner or Co-Owner, one of the email addresses you have made previously made public / shared, or an email address belonging to an integrated email tool such as MailChimp.

  • If you want your Surveys to come from a generic email address such as Success@, create a Team Member Profile in Planhat and use Success@ as the email address. On the Email sync page select “Make Public” and it will become an available ‘Send from’ address whenever you are emailing within Planhat.

  • ‘Reminders’ simply helps you automate a reminder Survey email to recipients who do not complete the original, rather than having to keep track of all responses. Do not overwhelm your customers with reminders, 1 is often more than enough.

  • ‘NPS Recurring Days’ allows you to set a delivery cadence, so you can choose how often people meeting the criteria should receive their survey. Unless your product is extremely high touch and high customer engagement, best practice is to wait at least 90 days between surveys.

  • ‘Survey Distribution’ helps you drip feed campaigns to Users. There are different benefits to doing this but a key one is that often you are sending Surveys via your Gmail or O365 both of which have weekly email volume limits. If you plan to send a lot of surveys you can cap how many are sent each day to ensure you do not hit your daily volume limit.

  • Planhat lets you schedule specific days, times and timezones for Survey distribution. This is great to ensure Users don’t receive their Surveys in the middle of the night or at 9am on a Monday morning when they are unlikely to respond positively!

  • If you are sending Survey to Users in multiple locations around the world, you may want to structure them into different campaigns so each campaign has a relevant associated timezone.

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