The Action Module aims to help you manage your time by providing a clean and simple way to see all the things you need to do for your customers.

The Data Module is where you manage your key customer data. It allows you to organise, filter and edit your data as needed so you always have clean data to work with.

The Customer Intelligence Module is where you'll get your insights in your customer data. This is where you set up your Health Score logic and where you visualise data in dashboards.

The Conversations Module is the home of all your customer interactions. Emails, tickets, logged calls, completed playbook steps and meeting notes, every customer interaction is visible in a single view.

The Playbook Module enables building scalable processes for your CS team, ensuring proactive value delivery.

The NPS Module allows you to set up and send your email or in-app NPS campaigns from Planhat. It's built to quickly create, tailor, target and define your survey.

The Revenue Module is where you get your insights into all things revenue. Forecasting and seeing the health of your renewal base was never this easy!

The Team Module allows you to create new roles, assign role permissions and set up your teams.

Finally, the Development Module is for all things API, when you want to push your data to Planhat directly.

Find more details on each of these in the articles below.

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