The "My Portfolio" view is a user-dynamic filter which makes it easy for each Planhat user to filter their portfolio based on some team member(s) field. This will help you if you otherwise would like a lot of private filters!

Some key things to know:

  • This can be combined with other filters, and used across all objects

  • 👑 Pro tip: combine with filter lock, and suddenly all of Planhat is just for you!

  • The definition of "My portfolio" can be customised by admins (for everyone) and for each user, based on e.g., any custom fields you may have to indicate customer relationships (e.g., "Implementation Manager" or "Solution Architect")

  • You can remove it and add it back from the "General" folder in the data module

  • You can use it wherever there is a Search Bar, but it's not usable elsewhere

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