A much-appreciated feature is the ability for users to lock their data view on a specific company filter, which will follow the user across tabs to everywhere there is a search bar (e.g., all data module, Customer Intelligence, Actions, Playbook). This is great for CSMs who have set-up a filter for their own customers which they tend to work exclusively with, thus reducing the need to re-filter every new view.

See a step-by-step guide below on how to interact with this feature.

📌 Important to note!

If you're having trouble finding the lock it is likely due to browser caching - please "Clear Browser Cache and Reload" and see if if works.

1. Locking the filter

The filter lock feature is seen on the "Search bar" company filter, and be applied either from the filter menu there or when applying a filter via the left-side menu. First, select the filter you want to lock (as below).

When selected, a little grey lock will appear next to the filter when hovering over it. The grey means that the filter is not locked yet.

When pressing the lock it shifts color to green, indicating the lock is now active.

2. Moving around with the filter

The filter will now follow you across tabs and filtering your view, as indicated by the green lock in the search bar. This means the view of Conversations, Actions, Playbooks, Dashboards is only showing data from your filtered companies - in this case, Key Accounts.

3. Pressing another filter while keeping your locked filter

Filters can be accessed from other places in Planhat than the Search Bar, for example on the left-side menu in the Data Module and if you have a dashboard with a built-in Page filter. If applying one of them, the locked filter will temporarily become replaced as indicated by the orange colour of the lock.

In other words, the new filter is now active - not the locked filter. See below when applying the "Success" from left-side menu.

However, if you now move to a different view (e.g., "End-users" in data module, or Customer Intelligence) you will find that the lock filter still applies.

4. Pressing a non-filter view while keeping your locked filter

So what happens if you have "Key accounts" locked, but then select "All companies" - i.e., a non-filter / something that shows all records within that object? The lock will now turn "blue" to indicate that you are showing all records, but still have your default filter active in the background. The behaviour is just the same as with the orange lock.

5. Remove the locked filter

Simply press the green/orange/blue lock to make it inactive, as indicated by the now-grey lock.

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