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Q: Do undelivered emails sent from Planhat show up in my "Sent" folder, or in the "Waiting for approval" folder?

A: All emails sent via Planhat show up in the "Sent" folder, with a tag to indicate the current status (e.g., "waiting for approval", or "sending"). If it did not pass Planhat's internal check, it also ends up in "Waiting for approval". If it was stopped in Gmail/Outlook, then it is in the "Sent" folder with a "Sending"-tag and the icon remains default blue. When the email is successfully delivered from Gmail/Outlook, then the icon switches to the Gmail/Outlook logo/icon in the Conversations feed.

Potential root causes for undelivered emails

Reasons for an email getting stuck in "WFA" could be due to sender not having email sync enabled, or replacement codes (e.g., "Hi [NAME]!") are not working properly. If it gets stuck in the Gmail/Outlook server, it could be due to variety of reasons but common ones include incorrect recipient email address, attachment size to large, etc.

📌 Important to note!

Note that with Playbooks, emails might be sent out from a different person than whoever is checking that the emails are sent out (e.g., email from account owner, but CS associate working day-to-day). Emails could therefore end up in "Waiting for approval" when someone else hasn't synced their email, or someone is quit, etc. Always check who is the sender of the email!

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