Planhat can take up to 10 minutes to sync Gmail, 20 minutes to sync Outlook, and a bit longer on the initial sync. If you have just synced your emails then please give it a little bit of time before you see your emails in Planhat 😊. 

However, if your emails are still not appearing in Planhat then there are several ways to troubleshoot the issue:

  1. Confirm that the user has their email sync enabled and that they have synced the specific email folders that are required. Check out this article if you would like to know how to sync your emails in Planhat.

  2. Confirm that the end-user's email domain is listed in the "Related Domains" field on the company profile and check that the end-user exists in Planhat. If the end-user doesn't exist in Planhat then we will try to create the end-user by matching the email domain to a related domain if the setting "Automatically detect and create new contacts during syncing external conversations (e.g. emails, chats, calendar events)" has been enabled. If you would like to enable or disable this setting please contact your CSM or reach out to Support.

  3. If the end-user exists on multiple companies in Planhat then we will assign the conversation at random because we don't know which account the email belongs to. Please search for the missing emails on the other company profiles where the end-user exists. If you manage to locate the missing emails you can click on the email > click on the ellipsis icon in the top right corner > select "Assign to a company" and then you can assign the email to the correct company profile.

  4. Confirm the email domain hasn't been listed in the "Internal Domain" or "Internal Emails" fields in "Settings".

  5. If you're looking for a specific email then check the "Unassigned" folder on the "Conversations" module.

  6. Try re-syncing the user and company emails:

    6.1. Syncing user emails: navigate to the user's profile > click on the "Email" tab and then click on the "Sync Emails" button.

    6.2. Syncing company emails: navigate to the company profile > click on the ellipsis icon in the top right corner and select "Sync {email provider} Emails".

  7. Hard Refresh your page. If you have a slow or intermittent internet connection the full history may be slow to load.

  8. When you sync your emails for the first time, we will sync emails that are up to 90 days old. If the email is older then we will not sync the email. If you would like to sync back further than 90 days please discuss this with your CSM.

  9. Try revoking your email access and then enabling it .To do that, navigate to your profile, click on the "Email" tab and select "Revoke Account Access". Once you have done that, enable your email sync > select the email folders that you would like to sync and hit "Save". Check out this article if you're not sure how to sync your emails.

If your emails are still not syncing to Planhat then please reach out to our Support team who will be able to investigate this further for you👍

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