When you enable Planhat's Intercom integration all future relevant chats with your End Users will be saved in Planhat as they occur 🎉. The End Users email address is used to map each chat to the correct End User.

With the relevant settings enabled, Planhat can automatically create new End User profiles from your Intercom chats. For this we use the End User's email domain and create an End User profile on the correct company profile.

The Intercom integration does the following:

  • Syncs any relevant Intercom chats into Planhat. These conversations are logged against the Company and End-User profiles. You can also access your Intercom chats on the "Conversations" module.

  • Classifies all conversations from Intercom as "Chat" conversation types.

  • Syncs labels and custom fields associated with your Intercom chats.

  • Enables you to send Intercom messages to your end-users from Planhat. If you would like to know more about this, check out this article 👍.

  • Allows you to create time-series charts of chat volumes and use chats as part of any calculated metrics.

  • Allows you to analyse / visualise any data in custom fields associated with chats.

🚀 Quick tip: when you're on the "Conversations" module, if you want to filter on Intercom conversations you need to use the following rule: "Type > equal to > chat" in the search bar or in a filter.

🚨 Note: The intercom integration is for chats. It does not sync usage data from Intercom. For this you can use Planhat's API, tracking script or product analytics integrations

Setting up Intercom

To setup Planhat's Intercom integration follow these 3 steps:

  1. Click on your avatar in the bottom left corner of Planhat, select "Integrations" then "Intercom".

  2. You will see a toggle button at the top of the page which will be set to "NO", click on the toggle button and it will turn blue with "YES" on display.

  3. Click on the button that says "Connect with Intercom" and connect your account.

🚀 Quick tip: when you hit the "Fetch All" button in the Intercom integration page all relevant Intercom conversations over the past 60 days are saved in Planhat.

📣 Pro tip: under "Fetch All" there's a setting called "Allow fetching labels", if you enable this setting the labels from the external system will be created in Planhat.

What if I add a new end-user, do old chats automatically sync?

  • If the setting "Automatically detect and create new contacts during syncing external conversations (e.g. emails, chats, calendar events)" is enabled, then Planhat will automatically create an enduser when we recognise a new person in an Intercom chat and can find a matching email domain. In this case, since we can assume this happens the first time the end-user writes, all chats will be synced

  • If the setting is not enabled and/or end-users are created via some other path (eg, API, manually in-app, from an email), then Planhat will not automatically bring over historical chat. However, you can run a:

    • "Fetch all" from the Intercom integration page

    • "Sync Intercom Conversations" from the relevant company profile

    • In both cases above, Planhat will sync x days back in time where x is defined in Admin settings as the "Chat Initial Sync Period"

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