Custom fields allow you to add additional information that is important for your team to Planhat. 

Custom fields can be added to almost any data object in Planhat (Accounts, End Users, Licenses, Opportunities, Tasks, Conversations, Team Members, Non Recurring Revenue and Invoices. 

Good examples of bringing in custom data include creating custom fields on Company profiles so you can bring in data you have already collected in your CRM, or so you can have value creating CS fields such as 'next key objective", "potential risks", "customer goals" etc.

How to Add Custom Data Fields 

  1. Go to the Settings Menu. (bottom left corner)
  2. Select Fields 
  3. Select "add new custom field"
  4. Then set up the parameters you would like.

Featured/Not Featured

You can choose to feature your custom data on the customer profile side panel by checking the "Is Featured" box.

If you choose to not feature the item, a new tab on the respective objects profile page called "Data." Here is where you will be able to still see all of your additional data points without having them crowding your view. 

The gear symbol next to the field means that this is a default field given to you by Planhat and it cannot be remove from the customer profile. 

The ruler icon means it's a custom field you've added and you can choose whether or not it displays.

Locked/Not Locked

Locking the field means that no one is able to edit the field manually. Instead, this data is sent via the API. 

This feature helps ensure that the data sent over remains the way it was from the source. 

Drag & Drop the Fields 

You can drag & drop all of the data fields into the order you'd like them to display on each profile. So if you'd like some of the featured data items to display first you can do so by dragging it to the top.

Types of Custom Data you can include

There are a couple options for what type of data you can choose to have. Below we will cover what each of those types of data look like on the profile. 

  • Text 
  • Number
  • Checkbox 

  • Date
  • List 
  • Multi-Pick-List 

Choose what ever type of data works best for you and your team :).
You can also use this data when creating segments, and your customer health score

Editing Custom Field Types

It is not possible to edit the field type after a custom field has been created (even if you delete all the data related to the custom field). If you want to change the field type, you'll need to delete the custom field and recreate it with the new field type.

Other info

This information can often be sent back to your CRM via the  integration if it's set up in Planhat beforehand, and it can also be sent through the API to any related systems.

Just ask us if you have any additional questions on how to do this! 

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