If you are looking to bypass your cluttered inbox or just really like working in Slack, our notification preferences allow you to receive all your important customer events in Slack for faster, more timely action.

Under the hood, Planhat's multi-channel Slack integration is relying on webhooks.

With this notification option you can choose to push certain notifications about events in Planhat to a specified Slack channel. This way, you don't always have to be logged in to be aware of important events.

It is easy to set up, just follow the steps below!

  1. Start by adding incoming webhook to Slack

  2. Select or create your private channel for Planhat notifications

  3. Click on "Add Incoming Webhooks Integration"

4. Paste the Webhook URL from slack into the notification preferences in Planhat

📝 Use case: It is a great way to be notified if you're traveling, but still want to be notified via Slack when something has happened. Or if you're a manager wanting to keep a pulse on the important events via Slack, but you're not logging into Planhat on a daily basis as your CSMs are.

📌 Important to note:

  • To use slack notifications, your Admin needs to set up a Slack integration.

  • For Planhat bot to work you need to have Slack ID which is your Member ID found in your Slack profile

  • We are only able to post information with the Slack integration; Planhat cannot receive any information with this setup.

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