Planhat's Google integration will seamlessly sync your customer emails and upcoming meetings into Planhat. Follow the instructions below to get your integration setup 🤓.

🚀 Quick tip: For general information about syncing email, see this article

Planhat is an approved integration partner with Google meaning this is a very simple integration to set-up. The sync is established independently by each user navigating to the email tab and approving the connection. For security reasons it cannot be managed centrally by a GSuite admin.

Planhat will only sync emails that are sent to or from someone connected to a Company in Planhat. No internal company emails will be synced (your company domain is automatically blocked by Planhat), and no personal emails to people not related to Companies in Planhat will be synced.

Planhat has an extensive range of tools to ensure emails are handled intelligently and accurately - you can read more about them here.

Syncing Gmail Emails

  1. Hover over your avatar in the bottom left corner of Planhat, go to "Your profile"

  2. Select the EMAIL tab and press Enable Email Sync

  3. Enter your google credentials in the pop-up window

  4. Press Allow

  5. Select the folders you want to sync. INBOX and SENT are often selected

  6. Press Save

  7. OPTIONAL - If you want others to be able to send emails from this email address then update the "PUBLIC ACCOUNT USAGE" toggle to Yes

  8. OPTIONAL - An email signature can be enabled for emails sent from Planhat. After pressing Enable you can press Get Signature from Gmail which will bring in the HTML version of the Gmail signature

Syncing Google Calendar

  1. Hover over your avatar in the bottom left corner of Planhat, go to "Your profile".

  2. Select the Calendar tab and press Enable Calendar Sync.

  3. Enter your google credentials in the pop-up window.

  4. Press Allow.

  5. Select the Calendar you want to sync.

  6. Press Save.

  7. OPTIONAL - Tasks of type Event can be synced from Planhat to Google calendar. You can enable this sync from Planhat to GCal at the bottom of the screen.

General Tips

  • About 10-15 minutes after the sync has been enabled you should see Calendar events from GCal displaying in your Planhat "Planned Activities" section in the Activities module

  • In order for Planhat to bring in an email or event there needs to be an associated End User in Planhat. If the End User does not exist but the email matches a company's related domain, the user will be created (this is a setting that can be disabled)

  • The GCal syncs events 30 days into the future. If you have a recurring event in your Google Calendar it will be synced gradually into Planhat, not all at once.

  • To sync an event created in Planhat back to Google Calendar, make sure to check the box at the bottom of the event view that says, "Save to Google Calendar."

  • If an event is updated in its original source (Google calendar or Planhat) changes will be synced across. However if the change is made in the other system the changes will not be synced to its original source.

  • Most Gmail users have a maximum amount of emails they can send per day and the most common threshold is 2000 emails. If a users' limit is exceeded then no more emails will be sent on that day by Planhat.

  • Once an Event is complete, you can mark it as "done" in Planhat. If an event created in Google Calendar isn't marked as "done" within 7 days it will automatically be removed from Planhat and will not count as a completed event. This is to prevent your Company and Calendar views from clogging up with incomplete events.

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