Account ownership is not always straightforward and there are often different layers and methodologies of portfolio management one needs to account for. This is why we have created flexible, custom people fields to ensure everyone who needs access to companies outside of their team can do so easily.

Read below to find the best option for your workflow needs.


Followers receive notifications from the customers they follow however cannot access the accounts unless they have the Manager or Admin role in Planhat. 

Notifications received as a follower can be modified in the notification preferences.


Collaborators can access an account however they will not receive any notifications. This feature is particularly useful for cases where you'd like to control access and allow team members to support a customer account. 

For example, if you have an external contractor or partner with the CSM role helping you with specific customers, you can add them as a collaborator and they will only have access to those accounts and not the broader data in Planhat.

Assigning a Follower or Collaborator

Team roles determine the level of access team members have in Planhat.

📌 Important to note: To become a follower or collaborator on a customer you are do not have access to, either the owner, co-owner or an existing collaborator will need to add you as a follower or collaborator. Alternatively, any user with the Manager or Admin role in Planhat can do this too.

To assign or remove these roles just navigate to a customer's profile and click on the 'Follower' or 'Collaborator' field to add or remove a team member.

Team members can be both a follower and a collaborator on an account.

Custom Fields

You can also create a custom field with the data type 'team member'. This is useful if you want to display team member names on a customer's profile. This would be for information purposes only and have no impact on access or notifications.
📣 Pro tip: Team members field can be used in reporting widgets charts with "split by" option.

Owner, Co-Owner and Team Members can all be used as a rule for filtering companies within the filters, widgets for reporting or inside the search bar whereas followers and collaborators cannot. 


For a summary of this functionality please refer to the matrix below.

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