We’re welcoming you back from your summer vacations with a ton of new, awesome updates in Planhat. Are you refreshed and ready to dive back into Customer Success? 

Here are the updates that happened this summer.

Let’s start with the biggest ones…

Planhat Email Automation

With this new feature you’re able to reach out to your customer base by creating personas based on usage behaviors, segments, etc. and applying a trigger to make it happen automatically. 

Some examples to help you get inspired of ways you can use this feature: 

  • They haven’t logged in in 14 days, you want to send them an email letting them know you miss them 
  • They started a certain set of actions (i.e. signed up, filled out their information, created a project), but they haven’t completed the final action of making that project live. You want to send them an email to provide them encouragement to set it live, or ask them if they are having trouble with setting it live, etc. 
  • Their usage has dropped for one of your sticky features, you want to send them an email about new cool things they can do with the feature 
  • They’re coming up for renewal and you need to send a reminder email about it 

Learn more about how to use this feature here

*This feature is available for customers on the Professional and Enterprise plans, but is available as an add-on for customers on the Start-Up plan. 

Planhat Net Promoter Score 

Yes, indeed! You can now create an NPS survey from directly within Planhat, and send the survey through email. 

You can do several customizations to your form, including adding company logos, choosing the titles of the questions, and button text. 

You can take a look here to learn how to get setup with NPS!

*This feature is available for customers on the Professional and Enterprise plans, but is available as an add-on for customers on the Start-Up plan.

Send It With Intercom 

Our Intercom integration just got better! You’re now able to not only reach out to your customer base with email, but you’re also able to send them a message via Intercom. There are 3 ways you can send Intercom chat messages: 

  1. From an end user profile (on a one-to-one basis) or,
  2. From the Personas by selecting the contacts in the persona (or the whole persona) and sending a chat message from there using the same merge tags you can use in email templates to keep it personal
  3. You can also trigger a chat message to go out automatically 

For more info, you can check out this article here

Success Units

Calculated metrics for Feature Adoption Tracking got a bit of a “re-branding” and make over in Planhat. We’re now calling them Success Units, which you can create based on usage or you can score them manually on a scale of 1-5. This gives you more flexibility, and allows you to weigh in as the CSM. 

Check out this article to get familiar with Success Units and how to create them. 

Copying Playbook Templates 

If you have a playbook that you’d like to copy to adjust it slightly for a different customer segment, region, product, etc. you’re now able to copy playbook templates.

Your Preferred Starting Page 

You can now customize which page you’d like Planhat to load on by default when you login. To do so you, go to your user profile and from the left menu where it says “start page” you can pick your preference. 

By default you'll be logged into the page you last viewed before logging out.

And there are a lot of other small adjustments and improvements that we’ve made during this time, but that would mean a really long article so we just picked the highlights for you :). 

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