Planhat can take up to 10 minutes to sync emails and a bit longer on the first sync, so if you've just synced give it a little bit of time before you see emails from your account :). 

However, if after the initial period of time you're still not seeing emails from your account it could be that there are no mailboxes checked in your user settings for Planhat to sync. 

If you continue to experience issues with emails syncing, here are some troubleshooting steps to check:

  1. Confirm Team Member has email sync enabled & specific folders needed

  2. Confirm the Customer's email domain is aligned to the Customer Profile

  3. Confirm the email domain is not in your Excluded or Internal domains list in Settings

  4. If looking for a specific email, check Unassigned under Conversations

  5. Force an Email Sync: specific to User Profile or Customer Profile

  6. Hard Refresh your page. If you have slow or intermitted internet connection, the full history may be slow to load.

If this doesn't get your emails syncing, it could be you need to follow different steps. You can find those steps here or reach directly to us!

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