We believe that a software for customer success should help you be proactive. It shouldn’t require too much from the CSM - instead, it should help you create awareness and insights that you can take action on.

We believe in two different types of notifications for the CSM:

  1. An activities list that organizes all your to-do’s, playbook-actions and tasks that you’ve triggered based on lifecycle changes, changes in usage etc.
  2. A Notification center for notifications requires your attention but isn’t urgent.

Activities list

The activities list can be found in the activities tab in Planhat and among other things, it helps you to:

  • Sort your activities based on planned activities (thing you need to do today or sometime in the future) and historic activities (things you’ve already done)
  • Build, follow up and take actions on Playbooks
  • Get insights into your activities - analytics and insights into your activities (across channels)

Notification center

The new notification center helps you stay on top of the notifications you need to know about but doesn’t require your immediate attention. Example:

  • You can tag colleagues anywhere in Planhat and ask them a question, invite them to a project or throw them an “FYI” (read about the use @mentions).
  • Be notified when new users are logging into your product or if a contact has returned after a long time.
  • Activities or workflows (playbooks) assigned to you by your colleagues

We’ve also made sure that these notifications are becoming part of your daily workflows - you can decide if you want your notifications to show up in your personal slack feed, in-app or in your inbox.

It also enables you to receive notifications on the type of customers you care about (your own portfolio or customers you’re following etc).

The new notifications center is live for all users as of today.

Learn how to get started with this video:

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