Syncing your e-mails to Planhat gives you a powerful way of storing all customer conversations in your customer success platform. Having the e-mail conversation stored in the same place as you have your customer data, contracts, license data and support tickets gives you a true one-stop-shop for your customer success team.

This is what Planhat's e-mail sync does:

  1. First, Planhat knows who your customers are based on the customer data you have in Planhat and their e-mail domains
  2. After syncing your e-mail account (see below), Planhat looks through all your e-mails and matches the once related to existing customers and stores them.
  3. Planhat will not store any e-mails that not customer related - it recognizes your customers based on their e-mail domains (
  4. Every time you or any of your colleagues receives an e-mail from a customer, the e-mail will show up in the customer profile in Planhat (requires that you and your colleagues have their e-mails synced with Planhat)
  5. If you receive an e-mail from a client that does not have a "contact" stored already, Planhat will automatically create the user (using the e-mail received) and making a name guess based on the e-mail) and sync that e-mail.

How you sync your e-mail with Planhat

1. Go to your profile page

2. Go to the e-mails tab

3. Enable sync

How to copy your sent e-mails to Planhat

You can also get your sent e-mails copied into Planhat. Just cc or bcc Please reach out if you have questions or can not get it to work!

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