Automations rarely fail. When they do, it's usually because they tried to fire on an invalid input, or the automation itself was misspecified.

Default Settings

By default, Planhat will:

  • show failed automation runs in the logs for the specific automation

  • disable an automation after 10 failed fires in any 24 hour period

Custom Settings

By going into the "Send notification" settings on a given Automation, from the 3-dot menu, you can toggle 2 settings:

  • "Automation Failed": be notified whenever the specific automation fails. You'll be notified a maximum of 10 times in any 24 hour period, at which point the automation will be disabled automatically and require reactivation

  • "Automation Disabled": be notified whenever the specific automation is automatically disabled, after 10 fails in any 24 hour period

These toggles behave just like the "Follow" button on a Company: anyone with access to the automation can toggle them on, and everyone will be notified simultaneously.

📣 Pro tip: In order to receive notifications both when an automation fails and is disabled, enable both notification toggles. This is recommended so you stay on top of your most important automations.

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