Amongst other attachments, you can embed 3rd-party videos (eg, Loom, Youtube, Vidyard) into individual Tasks and Playbook steps. This enables your team and customers to consume instructional content right in the workflow, for example:

  • Create richer automated user training sequences in the Portal

  • Support ramping team members when they execute playbooks

  • Provide explanatory content to Issues/Tickets when managing those in Planhat

This should (hopefully) both increase team efficiency (by automating what might otherwise be repetitive Zoom sessions), improve the experience for customers and ramping team members (by embedding training content into workflow), and support richer issues tracking capabilities.

The steps to get there are straight-forward.

Either you can just press "+" button on an individual Task, Issue, Asset and "Add video URL". This is how to manage the richer issues/tickets use case.

If you want to embed into template workflows, then the steps are:

Part I: Playbook set-up (read more here about playbooks)

  1. Press the "+" button on a playbook step, choose "Add a video URL", and paste a link from your video content library (eg, Loom)

  2. Toggle between "Show/Hide on Customer Portal", found in the video ellipsis

    1. User training use case: Choose "Show" to make it available on shared Playbook steps in the Portal - remember to also toggle-on the step itself to be shared in the Portal, which you find in the top-right corner of the template step

    2. Internal training use case: Choose "Hide" to hide the video from the Portal and keep it internal-only - note that you can still choose to show the step itself, but keep the video internal-only

Part II: Playbook application and Portal sharing

  1. Apply the playbook to a company or end-user, either manually or through an automated entry/exit criteria - the video will now be embedded in the tasks

    1. Use training use case: remember to share the playbook in the Portal

Other technical details

  • Planhat currently supports the following video content tools: YouTube, Loom, Vidyard, Sendspark, Vimeo

  • You can embed multiple videos into a playbook step or task

  • Next to steps and tasks, you can embed videos on the following objects/models:

    • Issues

    • Assets

    • Projects

    • Campaigns

    • Objectives

    • Workspaces

  • If the video is deleted at the source (eg, you delete the video in Loom), Planhat will display a "Video unavailable" in the thumbnail, but not remove the step (in order to highlight to Planhat people that something is up)

  • Embedded videos are generally excluded from integrations to other tools (but also depends on the specific integration - if unsure, ask your CSM)

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