Our Pendo v1 integration is unidirectional, letting you push usage data from Pendo into Planhat. In Planhat you can then leverage the data in health scores, send proactive alerts when usage levels change, and much more.

πŸ“Œ Note: The integration is currently not supported on a self-service basis, so your CSM or TAM will need to help set it up and get you up and running.

πŸ“Œ Note: We have built a new Pendo integration, Pendo v2, with a lot more flexibility. Read about it here

Summary Pendo v1

  • Pendo usage data can be linked to End Users, Companies, Assets and/or Projects in Planhat.

  • Pendo data creates User Activities or Custom Metrics in Planhat - it does not update fields.

  • The integration is able the map the Pendo data using the externalId of the relevant Planhat object (End User, Company, Asset and/or Project).

  • The integration is not (yet) able to create new endusers based on tracking activities.

  • We can sync as much as 90 days of history from Pendo upon initial sync.

Data structure requirements

How to import End User Activity (from Pendo Features)

  • Features are mapped as User Activities, which in Planhat are logged on the End User level.

  • All End Users that you want to map data from Pendo need to;

    • exist in Planhat

    • have a user_id (externalId) that is matching the unique id they have in Pendo, e.g., visitorId in Pendo maps to End User externalId in Planhat

  • Getting end-users into Planhat and/or updating their externalId is possible via API, CRM integration or spreadsheet import

How to import Custom Metrics (from Pendo Pipelines/Aggregations)

  • Pendo Pipelines (Pendo aggregations) can create Custom Metrics on Companies, Assets or Projects

  • The object you want to map your Pendo Pipelines to (Company, Asset and/or Project) needs to have your unique identifier in Pendo stored as externalId in Planhat

    • e.g., accountId in Pendo should be stored as company externalId in Planhat

  • To map the aggregation in, you'll simply provide us with your Pendo Pipeline/Aggregation and we'll set it up in the integration. The details of what structure the aggregation should have can be discussed with your TAM

How to configure the integration

As the Pendo integration is currently not supported on a self-service basis, your CSM or TAM will help you set it up! For a successful configuration, you need to provide us with the following information;

  • API key - sent via an encrypted channel:

    • The customer portal is a good place for this

  • API Domain - currently app.pendo.io or app.eu.pendo.io

  • Payloads for any Pipelines you'd like to import as custom metrics

  • Feature IDs for any user activity events you'd like to see as User Activities

Coming This Year...

  • We will enable mapping of End Users via email or Company externalId

    • This will enable creation of endusers if matching endusers don’t already exist in Planhat

  • It will be possible to choose whether to map usage data to the End User as User Activity or as a Custom Metric (read more about the difference here)

  • Even more flexibility in what you can bring over

  • We're aiming for an updated UI so the integration can be operated on a self-service basis

  • ... and perhaps some more game changers πŸš€

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