As you use Planhat, navigating the Data Module, or perhaps the Customer Profile, you may notice data that you want to investigate further. Perhaps a License status, or a Last Seen Date, seem wrong. We want Planhat to be the single source of truth for our customers, meaning you must easily be able to verify the data on your own! There are different ways of analysing change history. You can see detailed Change Logs in different parts of Planhat, such as under Recent Activities in the Teams Module. However, to make tracking changes to fields easier, we have enabled viewing of change history directly from the data table.

Right-click fields in the Data Module or Customer Profile to see changes

Through right-clicking fields, you can see a list of change dates, who/what caused the change, the previous value of the field, and the new value. This way, you don't need to drill into Change Logs to have an overview of changes made to specific fields!

Field History in the Data Module

Through right-clicking fields in the Data Module, you can see a list of changes, their date, the originator of the change, and the field's different values through time. This means you can access information about fields directly through the Data Module and Customer Profile, without breaking focus to navigate to other parts of Planhat for Change Logs.

The originator, or cause, of the fields' updated value can be the System, a User, an Integration, or an Automation.

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