Since work is often non-linear, we've placed search in a layer above the rest of Planhat, the command box. Just like Spotlight Search on MacOS, with Alt+S or Opt+S, you can view recents, begin, complete, or simply multitask between any key function.

📌 Important to note: if it's the first time, then you might need to log out/in for the Command Box permissions to kick in!

When logging a task/note from the Command Box, they automatically become drafts, meaning you can search for them and edit later! This allows you to multitask seamlessly in Planhat, starting and stopping whatever task you want, without losing data.

You can:

  • View and add tasks or notes to any company

  • Add new customers, contacts, activities, and more!

  • Import anything

  • Search for companies and end users

  • Pin anything for quick access as a command bar bookmark

Command Box - Feature Walkthrough

You can interact with the command box in 5 key ways:

  1. Recents: Engage with recent companies or users by hovering over the listing to create a new task or note

  2. Bookmark: Hover over each shortcut and click the pin on the right hand side to bookmark, pushing the shortcut to the top of search

  3. Add New: Add a new customer, contact, plan/log activity, team member or opportunity

  4. Drafts: your draft tasks/notes created in-box

  5. Import: Bring a plethora of items into your Planhat

  6. Search: Start typing for a company or end user - as soon as you start typing, the search box responds, filtering down only to the relevant items in each section

Use Cases

The Command Box lets you start and switch between your tasks as soon as an idea strikes, without losing your place. Let's take a quick look at some daily examples of when it might come into play.

Back-to-Back Calls

  • Perhaps you're a busy CSM with back-to-back calls. You've just wrapped one call and hop onto the next. While viewing your next customers' profile, you remember another detail from the prior call. In comes Command Box: press Alt+S or Opt+S, find the previous profile in your recents, bookmarks or search, and add a quick note to finish up later.

Dashboard Epiphanies

  • You're deep in some dashboards, reviewing data. Suddenly, you're hit by an epiphany about a customer. No need to lose your place: press Alt+S or Opt+S, and up comes the Command Box. Create the note or plan the activity, then get back to business.

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