We introduced Board view to help you to better visualise the organisation of objects in Planhat, and allow you to take action with cohort or group context. It's commonly used by:

  • Sales teams managing opportunities across pipeline stages

  • CS teams running customers across the lifecycle stages

  • Product teams who break down product requests/bugs by priority level

  • RevenueOps teams looking at licenses by product, filtered by payment time

  • ...

With custom card layouts, board view now brings the visual simplicity of movable cards while allowing you to stay focused on your most valuable fields. With images as thumbnails, it's easier to manage related screenshots, eg in the case of tickets. And with sorting of boards, you can easily prioritise.

Check out the quick walkthrough below:

📌 Important to note: when you set the custom layout on any card, it will apply to all cards of that given object type (with "Save"), or to all within the specified filter (by selecting "Set for Filter"). However, this is per-user and not a global setting (even for filters).

🚩 Custom card layout - step-by-step

  1. Right click on any card and select "Manage Card"

  2. Select what field you would like to show under:

    1. Title

    2. Description

    3. Tags

    4. Owner

  3. To add more fields on the card...

    1. Click the blue "+" under "Items"

    2. Click the field you want to add

    3. Repeat (a) and (b) to add as many fields as you wish

  4. For Issues, Assets, Projects, Campaigns, Objectives, Workspaces:

    1. Attach an image to the model, and turn it into a preview cover in Board

  5. Sort your lanes by some property, like "Associated ARR" for tickets

  6. Once you're done...

    1. Click "Set for Filter" to apply this custom layout only for cards within the applied filter view

    2. Click "Save" to apply this custom layout for all cards of the object, regardless of applied filters

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