As your data platform grows, it’s almost inevitable that you'll want to better understand, modify or delete a field currently in use.

Since acting on a seemingly redundant field might create a waterfall of complications for all connected automations, calculated metrics, formula fields, filters (and so on...), it's crucial for a user to see how fields are connected to everything else in Planhat.

In 1 click, Field Trace shows you where a given field is currently in use, so you can clearly identify which dependencies and owners would be affected by changes and make changes safely.

📌 Important to note: Field Trace is only available to accounts with "Admin Access", who can view the whole data structure. If you don't have that access and you need it then please speak to your team administrators.

Check out the walkthrough below:

Field Trace

  1. Enter “Manage Fields” and select a given field (or alternatively, right click a field column heading and select "Manage Field")

  2. Click “Field Trace” and evaluate dependencies in...

    • filters (both filter rules and column layouts)

    • charts, widgets, tables and portals on pages

    • formula fields

    • automations

    • calculated metrics

  3. Make a decision on whether to leave the field as it is, swap its dependencies out with another field, or delete it (once all dependencies have been resolved)

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