Models (sometimes called objects) are the building blocks of Planhat's ontological data structure. Using their pre-defined relationships, managing customer data becomes both more powerful (e.g., you can query across models, like asking "show me all companies where we have more than 2 end-users tagged as decision-makers) and efficient (no-code interface).

🔥 To keep that efficiency while ensuring Planhat speaks your language, you can now re-name models in the UI (e.g., "Company" could become "School" if you work in education technology).

At the moment, you still need to use the native/standard names when referencing models in calculated metrics, formula fields, automations, API, etc:

  • Company (the main object that almost every other relate to)

  • End-user

  • License

  • Playbook

  • Opportunity

  • Sales

  • Invoice

  • Churn

  • Project

  • Asset

  • NPS

  • Campaigns

  • Objectives

  • Workspaces

📌 Read more about Planhat's data structure here and here!

Ability to rename models - how to do it

Renaming models shouldn't be done lightly or too often, since you're adjusting the fundamentals of the data structure. Therefore, it's a tool only available to Administrators, placed under Admin Settings - this is only accessible by Planhat Super-admins.

To rename a model:

  1. Go to Admin Settings > Rename models to find all models

  2. There are two editable columns, called Alias and Plural Alias

    1. Alias is your new model name in singular, e.g., "School"

    2. Plural Alias is your new model name in plural, e.g., "Schools"

  3. Fill out your new name - voila!

    1. Note: the name can not use the <> operators

  4. Wherever the model appears in app, it will now carry your new name

📌 Important to note:

  • It's only front-end: the back-end name of the model/object is not changed, so for formula fields, API calls, automations - basically any reference to the model/object - you need to use the Planhat standard name (which you also find in the "Re-name models" section)

  • Don't use < or > in the names

👑 The ability to rename models is not available by default on all plans, and if you want to add it or hear more - please reach out to your CSM!

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