As your team and Planhat usage grows, the data platform becomes increasingly important. Ensuring data quality, ease of use, and simplicity of analytics is essential.

To help you focus on what matters, you can now create "red flags" (to highlight key fields) and "heat maps" (to compare and contrast multiple fields) with conditional colouring! Find a walkthrough below:

Conditional colouring

For custom fields of type number, lists and dates, as well as the system fields Last Touch, Next Touch, and Last Seen, Renewal (Date), Renewal (in days), MRR/ARR, Accumulated Revenue, Accumulated Sale, Accumulated MRR/ARR, Monthly Revenue you can now add conditional colouring logic from the field editor. When set-up, it enables you to gain insight into data tables in a much simpler and more visual way.

  1. Set up from the field editor (📌 now accessible by right-clicking the column in-app)

  2. Press "Show more"

  3. Define the logic and colour of choice


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