In this article we aim to explain the following in regards to Custom Company Profiles:

What is it?

When is it used?

How to set it up?

- Create Company Profile Template

- Create Tab for Profile Template

- Company Specific Pages

- Submitting as a Blueprint

- Share on Customer Portal

What is it?

The Company Profile is what we see when looking at a Customer in Planhat. It can be split into into two sections, which can now be customized:

  1. Sidebar (shown to the left): Choose which sections to show and in which order.

  2. Tabs (shown on top): Choose which tabs to show and in which order. Also possible to add both Custom and Template Page(s) as a Tab(s)

When is it used?

There are many situations when Custom Company Profiles are useful, for example:

📝 Use case: A Company has recently signed up and is in its Onboarding phase. When the CSM views this Company, Playbooks and Usage should be in focus as opposed to e.g. Properties, Revenue & Churn etc. In addition, an Onboarding Review Template should be available.

📝 Use case: Certain companies might offer a wide range of products/solutions. Each having its own specific usage metrics. Depending on which Product a certain customer have, additional Tabs could be available, providing insights into the product specific usage.

Which Company Profile is used is decided by the conditions (Company or User) defined as part of the Profile Template.

📌 Important to note: The number of available Profile Templates and Company Specific Pages is something that is dependent on your subscription plan. Please reach out to your Account Manager should you have any questions.

How to set it up?

Set up Custom Company Profiles under Settings > Company Profiles.

Existing Profiles will be listed under the "Profile Templates" sections. Initially only the Default Profile would be shown.

  • If your Plan doesn't allow for any additional Profile Templates it would still be possible to make changes to the Default Profile by clicking on it.

  • If your Plan allow for additional Profile Templates a new profile can be added by clicking "Add New Profile" to the right.

Clicking "Add New Profile" will generate a slide-out with the following sections:

  • Name - Enter a name that describes the Profile and when it's used (e.g. "Enterprise", "Onboarding", etc.)

  • Sidebar - Click the plus sign on the right to add a widget to be shown in the sidebar. Once multiple sections have been added they can be dragged up/down to change the order.

📌 Note: There's no other customization available for the Sidebar other than choosing between existing sections and which order they should have.

  • Tabs - Click the plus sign on the right to add a Tab. The list will show all the Default tabs (e.g. Overview, People, Usage etc.) on top followed by potential Custom tabs at the bottom. Once Tabs have been added they can be rearranged by dragging/dropping.

🚀 Quick tip: Tabs that have been added to the Profile can also be grouped under "MORE ▼". To do this, drag selected Tabs to the bottom where it says Group in "more" section.

  • Condition(s) - Which Profile to be used for a certain Company/User is decided by the filters set at the bottom of the Company Profile.

    • The filters can be applied to Company and/or User and is set by defining:

      [field]+[operator]+"value" eg [Phase]+[Equal to]+"Onboarding"


Creating new Tabs (to be used in Profile Templates or available to be added as Company specific pages later one) is done by:

  • Clicking "Add New Tab" to the right.

  • This will open same window as if you were to create a Page under Customer Intelligence. From here it's possible to create a page from Scratch or base it of a template.

  • When starting from scratch one can choose "Canvas" or "Presentation". The two option are very simliar and only differ in the layout where Canvas offers one long continuous page while Presentation is divided into separate pages/slides.

  • Once Canvas or Presentation mode has been chosen, enter name and choose whether or not the Page should be allowed to be cloned into a company profile.

    • A Page that is allowed to be cloned will also be available as a "template" when creating a page.

📌 Important to note: Tabs part of a Profile Template can only be edited under the Company Profile Settings, i.e. not when viewing a specific Company Profile.

Company Specific Pages

In addition to creating Tabs under the Company Profile Settings it is also possible creating Company Specific Pages from the Tab menu of a specific company.

📌 Important to note: This option is only available if your plan allow for more Company Specific Pages than have already been created.

In the Tab menu, click "MORE ▼" followed by "Add new page" and create your page in the same way you would do under Customer Intelligence or Company Profile Settings.

Company Specific Pages can be edited at any time by opening the page in "edit mode" (icon at the top right). The creator of the Page can decide whether or not it should be editable by anyone under Settings in the Edit menu.

Submitting as a Blueprint

Once a Company Specific Page has been created it's possible to submit it as a Blueprint meaning making it available as a Template for others when they create a new pages.

📣 Pro tip: When submitting a page as Blueprint it's also possible to assign Tags. This is useful to structure available Templates. Tags can be edited at any time under a specific report's settings.

Share on Customer Portal

A great way to share the work you've done is to publish a Page on the Customer Portal. This is done by:

  • Enable page for sharing on Customer Portals under the Report Settings.

  • Share on Customer Portal by clicking Portal icon to the right of the page name in the "MORE ▼".


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