Triggers are awesome but they can be quite limiting especially when you're trying to send a customized Slack message. Using an automation instead provides you with more power and flexibility when it comes to customizing the message that's sent to Slack!⚡

Create Your Own Automation That Sends Messages to Slack

  1. How is your automation going to be kicked off? (In this ex we are using a filter called "Slack Automation")

  2. What will the message say and what channel should this message be posted to? (Ex Message: "<<>> was added to the filter.")

    📌 Important to note: in this example you can only reference fields on the Company object that's mentioned in step 1. For example, "<<>>" will display the company name.

  3. How to reference fields from an object: when you create a Slack message the dynamic field tags are not displayed when you type "<<". To view the dynamic field tags that are available, you should create another step and type "<<" in the field. The video below shows you how to do that 😃

  4. Result: we have received the Slack message "Michaels Test Co was added to the filter." to our Slack channel "# machado-test".

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