Over the summer we released a number of key usability enhancements, but since we tend to push 10 - 20 releases every month we have not communicated them all independently!

If you ever want to see an overview of all releases please bookmark our release log here, but for now please find a summary of awesome below!

Magic Email Filters

Have you ever looked at an account in Planhat and in the Activities feed just seen a long list of Calendar invites, Out of Office alerts and marketing emails when all you want to find is that killer email chain from a few months back? Maddening stuff!

Well, abracadabra problem solved! Our new email settings provide you with a range of default filters that will clean up your customer accounts and ensure important communication is always front and centre in Planhat.

There are a lot of other powerful email enhancements on the new Email settings page so check it out by going to Settings / Email / Filtering - you will need to have admin permissions.

And if you are really keen, you can find a full write up here

Flexible Number Formats

You can now choose what kind of number formats you want in Planhat. Our default remains short forms, with K or M used for larger values, but if you prefer comma separated values or decimal places all are possible!

As ever we wanted to make this flexible so you have a menu of options to choose from, can have different formats for revenue based numbers and standard numbers, and can even create your own custom number format!

To make these changes navigate to the General Settings page - you will need admin permissions:

Auto-saving Notes

Have you ever had that thing where you write a note, then click away from the form or navigate to a new page without saving and it turns to dust? Soooo frustrating - the tears burn!! But now no more! Planhat Notes now auto-save locally in your browser. Woohoo!

This means that if you click away and the form closes, just go back to the same customer profile, click Log Activity and the text will magically return alongside your smile! :-)

Drag and Drop images in Notes

Often times you need to save an image as part of a note - perhaps there is a system diagram you want to store or a screenshot from a meeting. Previously you had to save as an attachment which is fine but click heavy. Now you can easily drag and drop images into a note and store them inline in the note rather than as an attachment. Incredibly helpful and time-saving!

For a deep dive explanation read more here and make sure your images are in a standard format!

Advanced Note Formatting

Some of our users like to create very detailed and advanced notes on customer interactions. This is often the case in high touch CS where a meeting can generate a lot of content for thought and reflection and becomes less a note and more a strategy document.

Well we listened and added an advanced note formatting option which adds a more robust editor to do enhanced formatting and organisation of your text. CS poetry on the way!

Again, learn more here

Lockable Filters

Filters in Planhat are available across the application. You build them in Data Module but can access them in Customer Intelligence, Revenue Reports and really anywhere you go.

We learned that some of our users spend most of their time working in only one filter, for example a team focused on onboarding so we added the ability to lock your filter.

When this is activated no matter where you are in Planhat, you'll be looking through the lens of that one filter until you unlock it!

Super helpful and ridiculously easy to do! It takes less than a second to lock a filter and will save you a lot of clicks! If you need more help than video below, please read on here!

Folders on Account Profiles

A small one but a super handy one. If you are storing a lot of documents on an account profile, the sidebar can get a little cluttered. Now you can easily organise documents into folders, so it's much easier to store more information.

For example, store invoices and contracts in one folder and technical diagrams associated with the customer in another so team members can always find what they need easily!

Conversations in Automations

This one is huge and if we weren't so busy building other awesome stuff should probably get it's own blog post and marketing backed release announcement. (It will one day!)

By adding Conversations to Automations, Planhat can now listen to anything associated to your customer conversations and react on it.

For example, you receive an email with the subject line "Cancellation", Planhat can let you know in Slack and kick off a Playbook.

An EBR note has the tag 'Bug' added to it, Planhat can fire a webhook to your product management system.

Your largest customer has a P1 ticket, you can get notified straight away.

As with all other parts of Planhat, Automations has now brought your customer conversations to life and opened up a universe of time-saving possibility!

Read more about Automations and their possibilities here though remember building them is an admin permission.

Emojis in Folders!

Ok so this one is not sooooooo strategic, or ground breaking but it's surprisingly helpful. (side note, I have always been an emoji cynic but this is really good!)

As you build your Planhat account you may end up with lots of Folders, housing your Filters. You can now add Emojis to Folders so they stand out more easily and there is a little more character in your Planhat account!

You can add emojis to any folder across data module or customer intelligence and they do a great job of grabbing your attention and helping you organise. #smileywinkylaughingface

Ok, that's all for now - please let your CSMs know what you think to all these enhancements and as ever, please keep the suggestions coming!

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