In our largest release so far in the Spring of 2021, we have focused on beautifying our product while also enhancing functionality and usability to ensure our customers continue to have a great user experience.

This is just one of many updates we have coming to the Customer 360 and across the application to ensure that your customer data is more user friendly than ever.

Highlights of this release are:

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Read below to learn in more detail about all the updates.

Customer 360 UI Updates

  • Overview tab has received a facelift to align the company profile with other components of our UI and make your key customer data clearer and more visible than ever.

    Your Activities also now have a cleaner and clearer separation to ensure you can find what you are looking for more easily.

    Success Units comments can now be updated directly on the UI and they sync with your Customer Portals in real time, allowing for alignment at all times.

    📣 Pro tip: Click here to learn more about how you can use Success Units in Customer Portals for aligning on shared goals.

  • Health tab has a new home, creating some space on the top bar and providing an intuitive drill down from the main health score.

  • Revenue tab has been given a new lease of life by upgrading the bar chart, providing an improved tool tip and guidelines, and creating a data table below. This is now much more in line with our DATA module itself to ensure all functionalities carry across both places.

    The data table enables you to choose whether you are looking at License, NRR or Invoice data and choose exactly which data points you see on each. With this the need for scrolling on the page reduces and helps you pinpoint your key information.

    Icons to renew or add new Licenses, NRR items or Invoices have been simplified and aligned with our overall UI.

Updates to Pages

We’ve seen some fantastic, insightful and beautiful dashboards being created by customers since the original Pages release a few months back.

As we continue to innovate and add new functionality in this release we are:

  • Improving the ability to edit dashboards, providing guidelines to help line up elements in dashboards and a pinboard background for further detailed positioning.

  • Assets and Projects can now be used across all visualizations. This means that you now can use them to analyze Asset and Project data with the same depth as you would analyze anything else in Planhat.

  • Data tables can now be shared externally, allowing you to share even more information with your customers.

    📣 Pro tip: Take your customer Issues / Enhancements and share them and their current status back to your customer in a portal!

Issues, Assets & Projects

You can now add new Issues, Assets or Projects directly from the DATA module and not just from the Customer 360 view, just as you can with all other Objects. This creates an easier and more aligned workflow with the rest of the application.

We hope you enjoy exploring all our updates!

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