We are very excited to announce the launch of Pages!

Pages are the new age of our standard dashboard and built for you to tell an even better story around your customer data.

Before your dashboard was a visual display of charts and metrics representing all your customer success data and often times when presenting to executive leadership or the board, you would have to put this into another presentation format in order to tell a story. Now, with Pages, that presentation could be a rich, engaging display of interactive data with video commentary from the VP explaining what metrics mean, what the graphs and chart represent and why it all happened.

πŸ“£ Pro tip: Read this article to learn more about all the new ways of reporting with Pages!

Here are some major highlights:

  • Tell a story by using text boxesπŸ“ or even inserting videosπŸ“Ή in your template

  • Use a template from our library

  • New chart types πŸš€: Text box, Image Insert, Video Insert, Static Table, Matrix Chart, Gauge Chart, 100% Stacked Bar Chart

  • Save your organization's color palette for a more branded look and feel

  • Create presentation mode friendly dashboards in a matter of minutes

  • Updated menu options with easier edit mode and a new print mode allowing for one-click PDF saving option

  • Easily move, resize and layer the charts πŸ“Š

πŸ“Œ Important things to note:

  • Your current dashboards have been migrated to the new UI - you do not need to do anything

  • To save your color palette go to "Settings" -> "General"

  • Pages Library will continue to grow and expand

  • Static Data Tables cannot be shared externally

πŸ“£ Pro tip: When printing ensure that your Margins are set to "Default" and "Background Graphics" are turned on.

πŸš€ Remember! Pages and their widgets (charts) don't support Revenue Reporting (that's what the Revenue Module is for!). This is because FX rates and ARR/MRR switching isn't available in these charts. Consequently, if you try to model revenue data (perhaps using an input like "Renewal ARR"), revenue figures will look off, especially when using the license object.

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