In Q4, 2020 we introduced a new UI inside our Playbook module and now in Q1, 2021 we continue expanding on its functionality so you can manage repeatable processes for your customer lifecycle even more easily.

This time our focus was on template creation and ensuring that our customers can do even more from one place, bypassing the need for triggers and creating step groupings for better visual organization and easier task division among team members.

Read below for our major highlights:

  • Direct setting of entry and exit criteria directly in the template creation (bye-bye triggers)

  • Auto-archiving of pending tasks (you can decide on action)

  • Ability to organize tasks into groups

  • Groups can be color-coded and custom named for easier detection of milestones (for example: internal vs external tasks)

  • Clean UI clearly showing different task relationships and conversation types assigned

๐Ÿ“Œ Important things to note:

  • Your current playbooks have been migrated to the new UI - you do not need to do anything

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