The Jira integration syncs Issues from different Jira projects (Core and Software Projects supported) with Planhat, allowing you to find them in the corresponding Customer profiles.

Planhat also syncs Issues from Jira Service Desk. However, these are saved as tickets in Planhat (Conversations) since they are customer-facing records.

Matching Jira Issues to Planhat Companies

Planhat is able to sync Issues to the correct company profiles if there is a field in both systems containing the same keyword(s).

๐Ÿš€ Quick tip: Not only you can reuse the system fields provided by Planhat, External Id and Source Id, but also custom fields of your own choice.

Ideally, these fields should have the same type in Planhat and Jira (e.g. text). Read on to understand different field types and how to match based on custom fields.

Based on a text field

When you identify the associated customers to an Issue in Jira with a text field, it is likely that you are mapping multiple customers. Commonly, a comma (,) or a slash (/) are used to separate the keywords specific to each customer within that field.

Based on a multiple selection field

Another common example is the use of multiple selection or multipicklist fields in Jira to map the customer identifier keyword. These values are predefined as options of the field so the user can easily find them in the picklist.

Below an example of the configuration using the option "array of strings" needed by the integration to correctly match multiple values from the Jira field to multiple companies in Planhat.

๐Ÿ“Œ Note: Right now Jira Next-Gen version does not support multi-select fields. If this is your case, feel free to revert to the Classic version or to use a text field to map the company identifier separated by a specific character (as shown in the previous point).

Matching custom fields between Jira and Planhat

The next section is helpful to sync custom or system properties from Jira Issues into Planhat. Not only does it provide more context to the Issue record but it can also be used to generate advanced insights in Planhat.

The Jira integration currently doesnโ€™t support sync of custom fields match between Jira for tickets, synced via JSM (Jira Service Management).

Finding Issues in Planhat

Data module - across all companies

There are two ways you can easily find Issues synced from Jira in Planhat.

The data module displays all synced Issues, have they been matched at least to a company or no company at all. This is also where you can create specific filters to help you separate the different types of Issues.

Company profile

When Issues are matched to existing companies in Planhat, the table in the Issues tab will display all records updated or created in the past 3 years that are related to that customer. The counter next to the tab name indicates how many of those are open - you can classify Issues as Open in the corresponding section of the admin menu.

Click here to read more about how to use the Issues object in Planhat.

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