In 2020 one of our focus areas has been on updating our UI and usability, tab by tab to ensure a great and easy-to-use experience across the entire Planhat app.

Now the time has finally come for our Playbooks tab to join the party πŸŽ‰ and we want to highlight some of the changes in the UI and upgrades in the functionality for you so you can take full advantage of it right away!

Here are some major highlights:

  • Your Playbook module has become one-stop-shop for everything playbooks related

  • You can now more easily organize your playbook templates in folders

  • Playbooks detail open in an "aside" view similarly to how Actions tab and Inbox work - this makes it much easier to jump between playbooks

  • Smaller changes to search and filtering aligning with our other tabs

πŸ“Œ Important things to note:

  • The Playbook settings page has been removed.

  • Your current folders and shared settings will appear as before, only now in the Playbooks module.

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