The summer has been very busy here at Planhat with our team now double the size it was at the start of the year!

As part of this growth we got a little behind on release notes, so following is a summary of major items released in June, July and August. During these 3 months our team has pushed more than 40 releases with a lot more planned for the rest of the year.

Thank you for all the support and input on how we can improve Planhat - please keep it coming.

Nine Recent Highlights (followed by 50 other cool things)

Bubble Room

A perennial favourite at Planhat was made even more awesome with the ability to identify groups of customers and take bulk actions against them.

Bubble Room is a tactical dashboard that helps you easily identify outliers in any filter of your portfolio. Now you can go one step further and make it all actionable with fast bulk actions.

We updated the search bar across ALL modules in Planhat, including all aspects of the Customer Intelligence module meaning you can now quickly search or filter by any Team Member, Team, Company Filter, Company or any Company Field.

In short it is an extremely flexible and powerful way to understand trends in different slices of your business at speed.

What's more, in Data Module you can filter any data object by any Company Filter. For example on the End Users tab seeing all your NPS Promoters who belong to Key Account customers, or identifying all unpaid Invoices that belong to Enterprise accounts on the Invoice tab.

Check it out on the Revenue module as well. It's never been easier to analyse trends and patterns in Revenue than it is now.

More information is available here

Have you ever had a need to share a specific Note or Ticket with a colleague, or perhaps share details of an invoice with Finance or maybe even just a Playbook summary with your team lead?

In Planhat you could always @MESSAGE someone and have them be notified, but now everything that lives on a draw in Planhat has a unique URL.

You have a question about a colleague's meeting notes, now you can take the URL and slack it to them.

Finance is checking whether a License is accurate, now they can message you a link to the specific license.

You need a colleague to help out with a Playbook - now its simple to show them which one.

Ok, we admit it, this is not the sexiest release note update ever but its one of those thing that will save CSMs around the world millions of hours! Try it once and you'll never stop!

Time Series Charts

There are lots of ways to visualise data in Planhat and several ways to view data over time, but we added a new type called Time Series charts.

Time Series charts aggregate data over a period of time so you can see totals by Day, Week, Month, Quarter or Year.

For example, you may want to know how your team's engagement with customers is trending month over month - a Time Series chart is the perfect visualisation for this.

As we are always keen on flexibility though, we also added the ability to see a daily average in any period as well as the average value per Customer in the period.

So one chart can give you:

  1. The total in a given time period

  2. The average daily value in a given time period

  3. The average customer value in a given time period.

Oh, and we added line charts that do the same thing!

See this article for more information

SOC2 and Security

Earlier this year we were successfully audited and officially recognised as SOC2 compliant. If you know what SOC2 is you know its a pretty miserable thing for a company to go through (soooo many documents to write) albeit a very important one, and if you don't, it's essentially the highest recognition of data security a company can achieve.

On a serious note, security is obviously very important so we also added a new Security Page under your admin settings. Here you can manage a range of security settings including Password management, SSO integrations and IP white-listing.

See this page for a summary of how we handle security at Planhat

Embedded Customer Portals

A small one but a really good one.

You can now embed a link to Customer Portals in your own application.

Customer Portals are a tool to make Customer Success transparent. As a CS team you have a plan for each customer, goals aligned with them and data you are capturing all the time. Portals enable you to share this information with your customer so you and they can work in total transparency with deep collaboration to ensure success.

You can now embed links to Portals in your own application. You should also find your Customer Portal (shared by Planhat) just above the live chat icon on the right-hand side of your screen, if you have access to it.

Speak to your CSM if you want to embed your own Customer portals in your own application and learn more about Portals here.

Notifications when items match a filter

Another fairly small change, but an incredibly impactful one. You can now get notified when anything is added to a filter.

In Data Module you can build flexible filters across any data object in Planhat. There is now a simple check box asking if you want to be notified as values match the filter.

This could be anything from an Invoice is now overdue, a customer's health is now lower than 5, an End user's usage is dropping by X%. In short, anything you build a filter on can also drive a notification with a simple mouse click.

Also worth noting that earlier this year we added the ability for anything matching a filter to drive any Trigger in Planhat. Crazy flexibility achieved!

Formula Field Enhancements

Formula Fields are an extremely powerful and relatively new concept in Planhat. They enable you to move data around the system with great ease and get insight into data held in other fields and calculate it on the fly.

For example, if you want to show all your Decision Makers on the Company Profile, a formula field can move them from the People tab.

Over the last few months we've added a range of new functionality so you can now do things like:

  1. Show the number of days between 2 dates in Planhat, for example Subscription Start date to First Value achieved date.

  2. Show the cumulative spent on a customer, when its logged on individual activities

  3. Show the number of days from today until a customer renewal date

  4. Use an IF formula to look-up a field on any object and give a specific response based on the fields value.

  5. Show how many products a customer has bought.

  6. Show how many unpaid invoices a customer has.

As ever, these fields can be used across Planhat for filtering, creating metrics or factoring into deeper calculations.

Note: The Formula Field add and edit capability is restricted to the Planhat team at the moment so speak to your CSM if you have ideas or questions about how to use them.

Bulk Emailing Users from User tab

Another usability enhancement that had been requested a few times. For customers who use Planhat as their main email tool with clients, you can now bulk email End Users from the People tab on the Account profile. As ever when you email in Planhat your templates are available, and templates can auto populate any Company or End User data point into the email!

Great work reading through the 9 highlights!

As a reward for your dedication, here is a list of another 50ish enhancements you may have noticed in Planhat in the last few months. On top of this, we've been doing a huge amount of back-end work as well and then all the usual bug-hunts and performance improvements you would expect!

Read on... :-)

Filters on Renewals Report table

Clone Filter option added

Clone rule option added inside Filters

Default option to filter on Change in Healthscore added

Default option to filter on last Change in Healthscore date, added

Conversation Filters updated enabling a range of improvements

Improved UI on Account Overview charts

Option to Email templates added to custom task types.

Clickable email and phone icons added to End User tab

Improvements to drag and drop in List fields

Fancy new login page added!

Success Unit statuses added to Filters

CSM Score available as a split option in dashboards

Improvements to email HTML templates

Automated internal testing improved

Active / Inactive column added to Team Lists

New fields of type Phone and Email added.

Improvements to NPS exports

Ability to invert the Success Unit scale.

Filter dropdown sections arranged alphabetically

New Rest endpoint for custom fields added to API

Ability to upload excel files to Portals

Improvements to task ordering in Portals

Improvements to Portal notification messaging

Improvements to Portal invitation messaging

Last Touch added to End User columns

Ability for Admins to remove folders in data module.

Improvements to merge tags with special characters

Re-order alphabetically option added to List fields

Redesign of Plan Activity page to align with Logged Activities

Checks added before Filter can be removed

Faster re-calculating of Filters in data module.

Improvements to Task Outcome widgets

Ability to re-order usage metrics under Trends and Analytics

Improvements to Conversation widgets in CI

Change to NRR visualisation so actual value shown and not MRR/ARR equivalent

Create date added to scheduled emails

Added sorted by custom date fields on data module

URL field type added

Alphabetising of properties in advanced searches

Sorting added to Issues object

Improvements to images on HTML emails

Account Owner history added to Segment integration

Icon added to Conversations where attachment uploaded, similar to emails.

Improvements and enhancements to our integrations with Salesforce, Hubspot, Delighted, Slack, JIRA, Intercom, O365, Pipedrive, Pendo, Stitch and more!

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