Since the start of April we have been working on several large projects to further enhance Planhat, so we decided to try and get them all out the door before providing an update. So here goes, we hope it was worth the wait!

Issue Tracking

A key part of customer success is listening to your customers, taking their feedback into your product roadmap and ensuring bugs are resolved and small enhancements built quickly.

Issues can now be created and tracked in Planhat, either created natively, synced via our new JIRA integration or sent to Planhat via our API.

Issues in Planhat appear on their respective customer profiles and in Data Module, offering a huge range of ways to manage and track customer enhancements, bugs and more.

For more information see here:

Field Types:

We have added a range of new field types to Planhat to provide more flexibility. Sounds boring, but is actually incredibly helpful!

Furthermore, custom fields are available across all objects so you can customise data on everything from an account or user profile to a Playbook.

To learn more about the available field types (including snazzy emoji fields) please read here:

Conditional Fields, Success Units and Calculated Metrics

In CS often we need information to show conditionally based on the type of data we are looking at. For example certain product metrics make sense for one customer but not another and certain fields make sense on Tickets but not on Emails.

Now you can choose to show Fields, Success Units and Calculated Metrics conditionally and ensure that you see exactly what you need to see when looking at data in Planhat. Woohoo!

To learn more please read here:

Formula Fields

These are cool! So cool in fact that we decided to release them only in beta and only allow Planhat team members to build them... for now.

Formula Fields allow you to look-up or calculate data that lives in one part of Planhat and display it on the Company profile. It sounds better with examples so let's go:

Imagine you want to show the most active user of each Customer on the Company profile - now you can.

Or, you want to know how many Open tickets a customer has and view it as a field to filter on, or factor into a healthscore, now you can!

Or you want to show all Products named on a customers Licenses and show them on the Account profile. Now you can!

The potential scenarios Formula Fields handle and use cases they solve are enormous so we are putting together an in-depth library and when it's complete Im sure, as ever, our customers will find a bunch we never thought of... so at that point we will unleash the power of Formula Fields to everyone.

For now, if you have specific use cases in mind, please ask your CSM!

Conversation and Task Draw Makeover

We noticed that with all the available functionality on Tasks and Conversations of Comments, Custom Fields and Labels plus the default fields, they were becoming a little cluttered.

We've given them a makeover that means all your Custom Fields are at the top, alongside default fields, labels, email templates and more while Comments in Conversations are now added to the main body of the Conversation so they can be viewed in the context of when they were made.

All in all, it's looking pretty spiffy and about as close as you can come to making data entry enjoyable!

Matching Filters

A small but very handy enhancement, you can now see what filters an Account or End User is associated with when viewing their profile and the listed filters are hyper-linked to the full filter in data module.

More and More and More stuff!

Over the last 8 weeks we have released more than 150 other enhancements and patches to improve Planhat. In addition, our Salesforce and Hubspot integrations have had some major work and numerous other integrations have seen improvements.

As ever, thank you for all the feedback, please keep it coming and please watch out for a great addition to Planhat dashboards coming very soon!

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