March 2020... the month that seemed it would never end...

However, finally, after the 197th March day of home isolation and home schooling, March disappeared into the pit from which it came and with that we wanted to provide some updated release notes. 

One thing first, here at Planhat's Virtual HQ we are excited about our Q2 and Q3 release roadmap. We had another 4 team members join this month and with a large number of new Enterprise clients we have some great development projects underway. More to come soon!

In March we focused on security and flexibility in Planhat, along with some other major projects that were largely completed.

Data Module

We have (and still are) gradually migrating customers over to Data Module so this may be old news for some of you. (Sorry). For those it's not, Data Module merges Portfolio Overview, People and SalesPipe into a new hyper-flexible and interactive data management system, while also offering a far more consistent way to work in Planhat. 

Data Module allows you to easily organise data, filter your customers and view their data in whatever context you need and allows you to build filters that jump between data objects. In short, it is the ultimate way to interact with customer data!

This articles explains what migrating to Data Module means, and this article gives you an overview of how it works. 

We are working on a few final use cases before migrating all remaining customers over but we covered a lot of ground in March, hence finally giving it some release note recognition!

Single Sign-On

As Planhat grows and we work towards our SOC2 accreditation we rolled out a broad and flexible approach to Single-Sign On. It works with any SAML based SSO system such as ADFS, Azure Active Directory or Okta and is available to Enterprise customers or by speaking to your CSM.


We added a range of new permission enhancements, ensuring your team members see what they need to see in Planhat and administrators have the control they need. Depending on your role and viewpoint, this is either the most dull or the most scintillating release note in SaaS history! New permissions include:

Permissions to edit / create Conversation labels.
Permissions to prevent manual creation / import of new companies or end users
Permissions to limit visibility in Customer Intelligence
Permissions around visibility of Team Module features.
Permissions to prevent email sending in Planhat.
Permissions to restrict access to Playbook templates

Shared Folders

Shared Folders are part of Data Module. As we grow the platform, we are leveraging a consistent model of Folders and Filters across Planhat. Folders are essentially a collection of Filters and Filters are rules to show specific customers. 

With Shareable Folders you can now create a collection of Filters and make them visible only for specific people, teams or for everyone. For example, Folders that are created for different departments or maybe a folder just for the Executive team so every time they log in to Planhat, they know exactly where to look. 

Really simple to create and incredibly powerful to use.

Customer Portals

Portals are being used more and more around the world so in March we made a few handy enhancements.

We added a link to Customer Portals as a column in both Data Module and Portfolio overview, so you can quickly navigate to them when needed.

We added some default metrics about Customer Portals so you have visibility into how your customers are using them and can be alerted when they do so.

We updated the email notifications sent from Customer Portals and made them opt-in for end users. We also made Portal email notifications a setting for your account so you can switch them off entirely if needed. 


In every release we do some work on integrations. Our integration partners are frequently changing their APIs so they require constant maintenance and we are always adding more integrations 

In March we Improved the speed of our Zendesk integration, we added more logs to our Gmail integration so its easier to trouble shoot, we altered our Outlook integration to ensure all folders are visible, we extended our JIRA Service Desk integration to capture higher volumes of tickets, we increased flexibility in our Salesforce Service Cloud integration and we released integrations to Stitch a data platform for fast moving data and OKTA a leading provider of SSO and identity management solutions. 

The rest...

Alongside all this there was the usual array of bug fixes and specific support requests. 

Thank you for all the feedback, we log ALL of it and it helps guide a substantial part of the overall vision for Planhat. Please keep it coming! 

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