February has been another busy month at Planhat!

Last week we announced the release of Phase Changes, a great way to track lifecycle development of your customers. 

If you missed it you can catch up by reading this article. (disclaimer: its nerdy, but very thorough!)

Today we are announcing the new Actions tab!

Actions is a single, simple, central place to see all your Tasks, Alerts, Mentions and Notifications. Put another way, it's the ideal landing page for CSMs as it brings together everything you've scheduled to do with your customers and everything your customers have been doing!

As ever, we've tried to organise data in a way that is minimalist and easy to understand and not covered in unnecessary distractions. 

To learn more about Actions, please read this article.

Today you will also notice amazing new icons in Planhat!

Of the many people behind the scenes here at Planhat, one is the incredible Anna who is working on UI design. Our new icons are part of broader updates to Planhat's UI that Anna is driving. 

As we add more power and more features to Planhat, we are trying to stay true to our tagline, 'Customer Success made Simple.' The new icons are part of updated navigation which we think will keep Planhat easy to use as we grow in the years ahead. Hopefully they also provide a cleaner, bolder more modern feel. Let us know what you think.

Finally, following on from our updated developer documentation last month, we've released a brand new developer page. Not the sexiest update in SaaS history, but Planhat is all about data and our developer page is key for people working with our API. 

To all the devs out there, we hope the new page makes your life working with Planhat much easier!

As ever, please let us know if you have any questions!

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