In 2019 we released thousands of enhancements to Planhat, but really dropped the ball on communicating them to our global customer base via our help center..

This year we're putting plans in place to improve on that with more release notes and an updated knowledge base on the way.

In 2019 we did a lot of background work to enhance Planhat’s architecture as we grew and brought on ever larger customers. 

During Q1 of 2020 we plan to release a new data module that will leverage this new architecture and bring a wide array of enhancements and new flexibility to Planhat. 

Our January 26th release contained a lot of behind-the-scenes changes in preparation for this, as well as some enhancements that are available immediately. 

In no particular order, here are some of the highlights. 

Clickable Dashboards

Charts in Customer Intelligence are now interactive!

The current release is a phase 1 approach, where clicking into a chart will present a summary list of up to 30 results, which in many instances is all results. In our coming data module release, a link will be available to open a new data module tab showing all results and other related information..

New Shared Document Type  

This is a new feature in Customer Portals (known as shared workspaces to many of you who already are using them heavily..)

With this release we have added a new document type to share called Pages.

Unlike "shared Documents", Pages are not editable by your customers and can be pre-populated with merge tags for personalisation. They also include a Rich HTML editor enabling you to bring in images and other graphics to create the brand experience you want. 

Hubspot Integration Enhancement

Customers integrating with Hubspot can now sync custom fields on the Contact object. 

This is ideal if you store contact phone numbers, roles, or other key information in your CRM and want to show it in Planhat, however there is the troublesome prerequisite of a Sales team who actually update your CRM which according to many of our customers is not the case!

UI Improvements

In the coming months we will release a number of UI enhancements across Planhat. This release has a small taster of some of them with some new colors and icons as we aim to update the look and feel of the product.

You may notice different shades in health scores and some colors differences across multiple modules. Planhat is a big product with a lot of power under the covers, but we are focused on keeping the UI as clean and fresh as we can.

Updated API documentation

With this release we updated our technical documentation, providing a new layout, a far greater description of the many end-points in our API and also published material on some enhancements we’ve recently made to the API. 

As a non-techie I can objectively say, this is the nicest looking technical documentation I’ve ever seen and a great start in our quest to provide better documentation to our users!

Check out 

And much more..

In addition to the above, this release included 90 other enhancements including improved formatting in logged activities, improvements to several integrations and as always some bug fixes.

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