When you need to look at product usage data on the account level, user events can be helpful if aggregated. Nevertheless, we made it possible for you to sync account level metrics with Planhat. 

These metrics will end up being added to the Usage module, to the section SOURCE: METRICS.

One important thing to have in mind is, shall you be updating the account metric multiple times per day, what are the implications?

Adding up multiple daily values (SUM) 

Let's take this example: you want to track how many 4XX API errors your customers are facing in your application. Not on the user level, but on the account level and you are sending the occurrence to Planhat as they happen. 

In this case you want to sum all values within a day to get the total over time (see the option below the chart).

Taking the final value on multiple daily values (LAST)

A different example is when you look at aggregate dimension values. You want to map the size of the database on a daily basis, yet it might happen that you do it twice a day. 

To make sure you don't end up looking at the sum of different value snapshots in time, select the option last below the chart and Planhat will return the last available daily value from that metric.

We can help you with this and run a full metric rebuild to update historical values. Feel free to reach out in case of any questions! 

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