Over the past few months we have increased our focus on improving the stability of Planhat, while also developing some major new features! (More information on them coming soon). This has slowed down the number of smaller features being released, but below is a summary of recent additions and enhancements to the platform that we think can make your day-to-day a little easier!

As ever, please keep your product suggestions coming. 

New Features

Pinned Logged Activities

Labels on activities are very helpful to add an extra layer of information to your interactions with customers. What if there would be a way to highlight logged conversations? 

Now it is possible to pin important touchpoints with customers to the top of the historical section in the account profile.
Let's say there is a particular email or meeting note that holds critical info - leaving it at the top will make it easier for you and your team access it without an extended search.


We've expanded the NPS campaign settings to cover:

  • In-app NPS surveys, delivered via Intercom.

  • Survey recipients can now unsubscribe from future NPS survey campaigns and you can customise how they view this option. 

  • It is now possible to remove enduser NPS scores manually (in the contact profile page) and...

  • NPS surveys can be sent directly to a selection of one or more contacts (People -> List or Contact Profile page).

  • Submit button is configurable - making the campaign language fully independent.

Salesforce Integration

The data integration between Planhat and Salesforce on revenue has been enabled in both directions. 

This not only means that existing licenses will be up to date with their counterparts in Salesforce but it also allows the creation of opportunities in Salesforce when licenses are renewed in Planhat.

For customers using the Invoice module, now it's possible to match the invoice schedule in Planhat with the corresponding property in Salesforce. This enables the automatic creation of invoices when a license is generated in Planhat.

Mixpanel integration 

We now support integrating with Mixpanel, meaning Mixpanel clients can sync account and user level metrics to Planhat. More on the integration settings here.

Personal Email Templates

We all have our own communication style and sometimes we reuse the same email content for different customers.
Now users can save their own personal templates and quickly access them from the same view in the email editor. 

Note: Public email templates can be edited directly from the email editor by Admin users only.

Email Syncing and Tailoring

One of the many complex challenges in a CS platform is syncing emails to the correct customer accounts. In simple cases we just match to the email of the existing user and the customer they belong to, but if users belong to multiple customer accounts, or users are not known to Planhat and their email domain belongs to multiple customer accounts, this becomes very complicated very quickly.

In most systems therefore it is only possible to match based on known user emails, but at Planhat we wanted to do more.

You can now:

  1. Separate the automatic creation of new users from Usage data and Emails, and choose only your preference on the Settings page.

  2. Move any email, ticket or chat that is incorrectly assigned to a customer account, owing to shared domains.

  3. Manually assign emails that Planhat sees but cannot automatically assign.

To move or manually assign an email, ticket or chat, click on the pen icon at the top of the email.

Enhancements and fixes

Beyond these additions, we have also added over 100 updates and fixes to current functionality: 

  • Improved UX and search box for activity labels

  • Inclusion of checklists in saved templates of custom activity types

  • Ability to add a link to a shared page in a saved email template.

  • Logged and Planned Activities can be added via People -> List

  • Expansion of options in Segments and Personas for custom fields of type Date 

  • Functionality to remove all NRR data available now in Powertools (Admin users only)

  • UI Optimisation for different screen sizes

  • Restriction on Calendar sync options - only available to user's own calendar. 

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