You can now connect your Mixpanel data to Planhat and leverage product usage insights without going through additional work to set up our tracking script or to push data via API.

To note, the integration does not update traits/attributes of company or enduser records, it simply connects product metrics/events to Planhat.

How it works

1) We expect the events in Mixpanel to have the following structure 

{"event": "Viewed report", "properties": { ...}}

2) In the Planhat Mixpanel integration settings you specify under which property of this object you have the company id, so we can match events to the right company (if they cannot be matched unambiguously to an existing contact directly) or potentially even create new users under the right account.
If no user identifier is available, the event/metric can be saved on the account level with the help of this company id  (which typically would be the account id in your own system). In Planhat, the account profile needs a matching ID mapped to the field externalId.

3) The same is configurable for user-level events - $user_id and email  can be defined in the settings.

We'll use either or both of those to find the best matching contact in Planhat. For the $user_id to work, the contact in Planhat will need to have a matching externalId. In addition to being logged on the enduser level this data also gets aggregated in Planhat to the customer level, and even entire sub-segments of the portfolio.

Since Mixpanel doesn't support a real-time event flow (the way we usually have it set up with Segment or our own tracking) we pull data every 10 minutes from the Mixpanel API.

📌 Note: the integration will only work with Paying plans on Mixpanel.

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