Filter NPS Responses by Campaign

On the NPS Responses page you can now filter responses by campaign. To do this, simply click the drop down arrow to select which campaign you'd like to filter on.

After making your selection, the responses displayed will update to reflect the chosen campaign. If you select 'All Responses' we'll display responses from all campaigns.

Export NPS Responses to Excel

You can now export your NPS responses to excel by clicking on the 'actions' button in the top-right hand corner of the page and selecting 'Export Data'.

Renewal View Improvements

We've made several improvements to the renewals page:

  • Added the ability to see data for past and future years

  • Added a search box to allow for more advanced filtering

  • Added an Export to Excel option (three dots to the right of the search box)

Drag and Drop for Email Attachments

Drag and drop functionality is now available for email attachments. To do this, simply drag and drop your file(s) into a draft email and it'll be included as an attachment.

In addition, you can drag and drop email attachments into your email templates!

Sync HubSpot Tickets to Planhat

Our suite of integrations continue to grow! HubSpot Tickets can now be synced to Planhat. Full details of this can be found on our HubSpot integration settings page.

For more information on our HubSpot Integrations please read:

Hubspot CRM Integration - The Basics

HubSpot Marketing

Custom Mapping for Contacts in PipedriveĀ 

You can already map custom data for organisations and deals using our Pipedrive integration. We've recently added this functionality for Contacts too.

Show Connected APIs in Team ListĀ 

We've added 'Connected APIs' as an available column in the Team List. This will show you if which team members have synced their email and calendar with Planhat.

Integrations: Push Data to Segment Data Warehouse

The Segment Connector enables you to push data from Planhat into Segment and from there push into your own data warehouse such as Redshift, BigQuery or similar.

This functionality is only available by request, please contact us for more information.

Coming Soon

We're working on some exciting new functionality so stay tuned for more updates!

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