The Segment Connector enables you to push data from Planhat into Segment and from there push into your own data warehouse such as Redshift, BigQuery or similar.

This integration allows you to blend your customer data with additional data sets that exist outside of Planhat and gain data driven insights for your business.

Follow the instructions below to get started.

1. In Segment Create a new "Legacy Project" to get a write key

2. This project will appear under "Sources". Click on the project to see the "Segment Write Key" needed for Planhat as well as the option to "Add Destination"

3. Click on the "cog" icon next to the destination. You'll get to a list of recent "syncs" where it's possible to see if data is being synced.

4. In Planhat, navigate to Integrations > Segment and paste the project write key from Segment. Click the dark blue button to push data to Segment (this can take up to 30 minutes to complete). This button only needs to be pressed once during the setup process as going forward, we will automatically push data to Segment once daily.

You can still push data manually by using this button, however it's a process heavy task and therefore only one process can run at a time and at most every 120 minutes.

Once the data is received by Segment you may not see it immediately. Segment will need to push this data to the Warehouse (this typically happens every hour).

In addition, we are unable to delete any data after it's been pushed to Segment.

5. Once at least one push has been completed, below the Segment Write Key field some stats will show how many objects of different types were pushed to Segment.

The Segment integration icon in Planhat will only display as being "On" when you're using the "Segment Data Warehouse" not just the "Segment User Tracking" .

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