External ID

External ID = the unique identifier for companies and endusers in Planhat. This field ensures updates, usage data and new users are all mapped to the correct account.

It's defined by you and the best practice for this field is to ensure it matches a unique identifier given to companies and endusers in your own internal database.

Set External ID 

  • Portfolio Import (Companies)
  • CRM Sync (Companies)
  • Manually via Profile (Companies & Endusers)
  • API (Companies & Endusers)

Get External ID 

  • Manually via Profile (Companies & Endusers)
  • Excel Export (Companies & Endusers)
  • API (Companies & Endusers)

Source ID

Source ID = the unique identifier for companies synced with an external CRM system such as HubSpot and Salesforce. This field ensures your companies in Planhat sync with the correct companies in your external CRM system.

When you integrate an external CRM system with Planhat and a new company is created in Planhat, the Source ID field will automatically populate. If you manually create a company in Planhat after completing the integration and want to ensure it syncs correctly, you can manually add the Source ID located in the 'data' section. 

You can also set this using our /companies API endpoint.

HubSpot = Company ID
SalesForce = Salesforce ID
Pipedrive = Organization ID

Related Domains

Related Domains = email domains related to a company. For example, at Planhat our domain is planhat.com. This field ensures your customer communications are logged against the correct account in Planhat (e.g. calendar events, emails, tickets and chats). 

This field allows for the automatic creation of new contacts. When we receive user tracking events or sync emails and calendar events, we match the email domains of involved contacts with the domains of existing companies, and create new contacts.

Related Domains can be manually added or removed from a company's profile and can also be set/updated/removed by using our /companies API endpoint.

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