With our Zapier integration the following triggers are currently available:

Note: the New Note trigger will only work for Logged Activities therefore any Planned Activities you create in Planhat will not execute this trigger.


In order to setup a Zap between Planhat and Trello you first need to join the Planhat beta and configure the Zapier integration in Planhat.  You can find more information on our Zapier integration and the invite link in our help center article here.

Create a Zap

After completing the setup you can now begin creating your Zap. For this example I have selected 'New Note' as my trigger and chosen Trello as my action app.

Below is a list of the common Trello actions. Note, you can also select 'show less common options' to see the complete list of Trello actions available.

As you can see, there are a lot of options available to you here. I have chosen the 'Create Card' option and in the next few steps, you'll be able to create a template. What's great here is you can click the '+' symbol in certain fields to pull data from Planhat. For example, for the the name of my card I can add any of the data below.

Now complete the rest of the template and test the Zap. After testing my Zap, a card was successfully created in Trello using data from the note I created in Planhat!

As you can see from the list of available actions, this is just one of many actions you can perform using Zapier. In addition, you can use Trello to trigger actions in Planhat. 

The following actions in Planhat are currently available:

So for example, you could create a Zap which creates a note in Planhat whenever a new card is added in Trello and populate the note with data directly from Trello.

We are continuing to develop this functionality and would love to hear your feedback!

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