Clone NPS Campaigns

We recently launched a major update to our NPS module which you can find more information on here.  A recent addition to this is the ability to clone campaigns which will allow you to use an existing campaign as a template for a new campaign. 

To do this, simply open a campaign and click the ‘copy campaign' button in the bottom right hand corner of the page. You will receive a confirmation message and the copied campaign will automatically be opened for you to edit and launch.


We've added the ability to bulk delete invoices. To do this, simply navigate to the invoice tab, select the invoices you’d like to delete and go to Actions > Remove. 

You can now use the invoice chart to view data for past and future years.

Custom fields are a great way to customise Planhat to meet the needs of your business. We have a detailed article with more information on this here. 

We’ve added custom fields for Invoices. For example, we have added a checkbox to keep track of when we’ve sent an invoice. Simple and effective!


Planhat allows you to segment your customers using a range of criteria. Country and city have been added as segment rules which will allow you to include or exclude customers based on location. 


Personas allow you to organise your end users based on a range of criteria. To enhance this we've added the end user property 'Position' as an available rule.

Email Scheduling

Timing is important which is why we've added the option to pick a time and date to send an email. This can be found in the 'other sending options'.

Default Meeting Length

When planning an event Planhat will set a default meeting length for you. This can now be customised and you can decide what the default meeting length should be.

To amend this, simple navigate to your profile and change the default meeting length.

It's been a busy start to the new year as on top of this we've added over 150 enhancements and bug fixes. Please keep your feedback coming!

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