You can tag planned and logged activities in Planhat. 

Tagging emails, tickets or notes for example as “important” or “positive feedback” helps you find them later in the ever growing activity log (Activities > History).

Create, Edit and Remove Labels

You can easily add and remove tags or customise the colour. Tags are account wide so any tag created by one team member will be visible by other team members too.

Tags are covered by the activity search so if you search for “important” for example, it will bring up any past touch point where that word appears in the text or as a tag. 

In order to search for matching tags only then simply type tags: important. If you have a tag with multiple words, i.e. feature request then you'll need to use quotation marks when searching for this specific tag. For example: tags: "feature request". A search for tag: feature would also work in this case, so you'll only need to use the full name of the tag in specific situations, i.e. you have multiple tags starting with "feature" and you only want to see past touch points specifically labelled with "feature request".

You can also search for multiple tags, for example: tags: negative,churn.

Gather Insights and Respond to Important Touch Points

You can review the activity log to gather insights and ensure certain touch points are addressed. For example, you could create a "follow up" label to add to conversations which need following up and you can then remove this label when this is complete. 

You can categorise your past touch points with custom tags, such as "feature request", "bug", "complaint" and use the activity log to identify trends and address these points. 

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