Planhat syncs your Pipedrive data using the deals as a trigger. Once the integration is set up, Planhat receives a notification, coming from a webhook created by the integration in your Pipedrive account.
Every time you update a deal in Pipedrive, if the notification is for a deal with status closed won and belonging to a pipeline selected in the integration settings, the deal will be converted into a license and it will be saved in Planhat.
Also, the company, its contacts and notes related to that deal will be saved in Planhat. The behaviour of the integration and what data will be saved can be customised in the integration settings.

Pipedrive Connection

To get started with the integration, enter your company URL and API token from the Pipedrive account.

A. The company URL is something like https://[yourcompanydomain] You can copy the url from your browser while you are in any Pipedrive page. Please add the string /v1 at the end of the copied URL. The complete URL shall then be https://[yourcompanydomain] 

B. To retrieve your API token from Pipedrive: 

  1. Go to Settings. 

  2. Click on the API option.

  3. Copy the API token (generate a new token if you do not have any yet).

C. After pasting both the URL and API token, click "Save Authorization". If your input is correct, you should be seeing now the integration settings page (refresh Planhat).

Integration Setup

The integration can fetch organizations, deals, notes and contacts from Pipedrive. Each section has a field called "Direction". These fields are used to define if the information specified in this section will be brought into Planhat (Receive from Pipedrive), if it will be sent to Pipedrive (Send to Pipedrive), or if it should be ignored (None). For the latter, no data will be fetched from Pipedrive for that section.
You can set up a full sync too (Both directions).

Deal Pipelines

The integration lets you sync deals related to specific pipelines in Pipedrive. Any deals “closed won” in Pipedrive from the selected pipelines will be pushed to Planhat. Other deals will be ignored.

Custom match section

The integration uses system fields when it converts Pipedrive data into Planhat data. In certain situations, you might want to modify the default conversion to use other fields. That can be done using the custom match sections.

To create a match select the field "custom" or "attribute", then select the Planhat field where you want the value to be saved into. Next, select the Pipedrive field from where you want to fetch the value and finally set the direction you would like the sync to run.
Endless possibilities, right? 🙂


I set a deal as won in PD, but that company has not been created in Planhat.

  • Check the setup of the section “Organizations” in the integration settings - make sure the field “direction” is set with the value “Receive from Pipedrive”.

  • Make sure the pipeline related to the deal is selected in the section “Deals”.

The integration suddenly stops and it is no longer sending notifications to Planhat.

  • Please verify if the API token and the URL in the section “Auth settings” (top of the page) are correctly saved.

  • If the user who created the token was removed from Pipedrive, or the token used for the integration was deleted - create a new token in Pipedrive and paste it again in the authorisation settings.

I removed the webhook created by Planhat to make the sync.

  • Remove the API token used in the integration and create a new one. Then, update the "Auth Settings" section with the new token. When you save the settings, the integration will create a new webhook.

Every time I click on the save button in the authorisation settings section an error appears. 

  • Planhat runs a test when it detects a new API token or URL. 

  • If you see an error when trying to update the integration it is because one those values is wrong. Confirm is the values are correct and try again.

The save button is not enabled when I try to add the API token and/or the URL.

  • Check the token you're trying to add. The Pipedrive token should have 40 characters.

I want to change the pipelines selected in the integration, is this going to erase all deals previously synced?

  • No, the integration does not delete any data if the settings are changed. 

  • The data will be there, but if you unselect a pipeline, all related licenses saved in Planhat will no longer receive updates when these deals are updated in Pipedrive.

Some data was changed in Pipedrive since the last time a deal was updated. Is there a way to manually update changes to organizations, contacts or notes?

  • Yes. If you are sure the data of an organization, contact or note related to a deal was changed, you can go to the company profile (Planhat), and then click on the option “Sync with Pipedrive”. 

  • This option is located in the menu actions at the top right of the screen.

Does Planhat's Pipedrive Integration Sync Empty Fields?

Planhat's Pipedrive integration ignores "Empty" fields but it will sync "Null" values bidirectionally. "Empty" fields are fields where no value has been defined and "Null" fields are intentional defined values.

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